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Promoting Your Business throughout every important Social Media Platforms and optimizing them for targeted segment. Designing your Digital Campaign in the most suitable way possible generating just the Perfect lead for your business.
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  • Facebook Management
  • Youtube content Management
  • Custom Profile Design
  • Contest & Promotions
  • Social Media Brand Expansion
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Comunity Management
  • Content Posting
  • Strategy Development
  • Competition and Marketplace Research
  • Ad Management
  • Community Management
  • Conversion Optimization

Why Choosing us?

We like to keep things under control and we have a lot of experience in many different aspects and categories but what really differentiate us from any other Digital Agency is that our Agency consists of 100% Young generation thinking which means better innovation and even more out of the box solutions for our Clients. Monthly, we will send you a status report includes your fans interactions on Your Social Pages to Measure our progress and enhance our performance.

Facebook Brief

Over 1.7 billion people use Facebook to connect with their friends and families; the social networking platform is installed on three out of four smartphones; and more than half of Facebook users visiting this social networking platform every day. Facebook has quickly developed to be the social network to advertise on, with users relevant to your brand almost guaranteed to be on there.

Facebook Fan Page Management

We help you by performing the following steps to specify managing your fan page:

– Create the fan page, Manage and Maintain it, make a direct access link to Facebook.

– Increase your page like.

– Having specialists in management that are dedicated to manage and reply all activities on your Facebook page.

– Create a brand Facebook applications.

– Work to improve your relationships with your clients.

– Professional teamwork that can comprehensively customize and design your page including profile picture & cover photo design.

Facebook Ads Management

Generally, Facebook is showing people ads that they find it interesting and relevant to their needs, so we can specify this service to direct your ads to the targeted Facebook users.

Linked In Brief

When someone is interested in professional networking, you automatically think of LinkedIn. It has firmly cemented itself as the B2B social platform with its competitors trailing behind.

Today, LinkedIn has over 450 million users and over 3 million businesses have
set up a page.

Linked In Strategy

Running advertising campaigns on the popular professional networking channel LinkedIn allows for highly targeted ads to be shown to your target professional audience.

Twitter Brief

With over 313 million monthly active users and around 6,000 sent tweets every second, it is highly probable that topics relevant to your industry are tweeted about regularly. Ossiris Marketing can help to implement Twitter advertising as part of your search marketing strategy, to increase your company profile both on and off social media.

Twitter Strategy

Once your business demanded to be published on Twitter platform, our experts will design your campaigns to deliver your message briefly and accurately to your targeted audience.

Twitter Ads Management

The five main targeting options for Twitter advertising campaigns:

– Keyword Targeting to match up with what users are tweeting about. Users usually use Twitter for conversation or statements. We will use terms that appear in these tweets to match users tweet about relevant topics to your ads.

– Interests & Followers allows you to reach people with specific interests or who are similar to followers of specific accounts. To grow your audiences, we could potentially target followers of your competitors. This extra layer of relevancy means we know we are getting your brand in front of the right people.

– Tailored Audiences can be collated from adding code on your website and creating essentially a remarketing list, or uploading specific data including emails and mobile phone numbers.

– Behaviour Targeting for your brand, there will be certain behaviours and actions that correspond to your target audience. The audiences available are based on Twitter partners from actual online and offline behaviours and characteristics.

– Event Targeting these events can range from international holidays to country specific conferences Using Twitter’s own algorithms, it will place the ad in front of users who have expressed interest and/or tweeted about upcoming or previous events.

Instagram Brief

As of July 2016, advertising on Instagram became available to all businesses.

Nowadays With over 600 million users, it is currently the largest untapped mobile social advertising platform, with rapidly rising interest.

Instagram Strategy

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and therefore fully integrated with it. This means targeting has become much more effective, enabling advertisers to target by demographic and interests similar to current Facebook social advertising.

YouTube Brief

Over one billion users That’s how many users YouTube has meaning almost one-third of the internet.

YouTube, on mobile alone reaches more audience than any TV network Especially in the Middle East Region.

YouTube Content Strategy

By uploading Optimized content on YouTube, businesses are able to give reasons for customers to look at and evaluate your services and products.

YouTube ads Strategy

YouTube ads can generate sales for you at a cost-effective price even better than other more widely used channels like Facebook or the standard Google AdWords.

M of our clients trust us to manage 90% of all their social media content, engagement, contests, and advertising. We offer complete turn-key packages that require very little time and energy from business owners. Our deep understanding on social media marketing will help drive targeted website traffic to your business by creating custom content, compelling ad copy, boosting posts and engaging with your targeted audience.


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